Taylor Swift surprises Fan At Wedding Reception


A New Jersey couple got a wedding crasher Saturday they didn’t dare turn away: Taylor Swift.

The superstar surprised newlyweds Kenya Smith and Max Singer — a huge fan — by playing a simple version of her song Blank Space during their reception in Long Beach Township.

Guests were understandably in awe, but managed to grab their phones and cameras to capture the big moment as they sang along.

The Shake It Off singer decided to make an appearance after getting a letter in April from the groom’s sister, according to the Associated Press.

She wrote about how the couple had wed in a hospital room so that Singer’s ailing mother could be there. They chose Blank Space for the dance between mother and son, just before she died.

Swift had contacted Singer’s sister and they planned the surprise.

In one photo, the bride is holding a framed card with a look of disbelief.

It came from Swift with a line from Blank Space on the front: “So it’s gonna be forever.”

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